Where can I find web form ID?

Video transcript:

You can look at the Web Form ID by going to Web Forms, either Web Forms List or Create New. So let’s pretend that you need a Web Form ID to integrate some form that was not created in GetResponse, but you would like to be connected to your GetResponse campaigns, so let’s pretend you have not created a web form just yet, so of course we will just go to Create New.

Now you don’t have to really worry about the look of your web form because you’re probably using a web form creator outside of GetResponse so we can skip ahead to the publish step. Here, you’re going to be presented with a code of the web form, so it’s very easy to look within the JavaScript code on the second line here, the web form ID is indicated right here with the WID equal sign and six numbers. These six numbers are your unique web form ID, so this is what you can provide to perhaps some affiliation that you’re working with or within your own code trying to integrate your site or your forms with your GetResponse campaign. This is what you need, so these six digits here.

If you already have a web form created in your account that you created beforehand and you want to use that Web Form ID, you’ll just go to Web Forms List, and then just click on view source. Of course again it will take you to the publish step and you would be able to see the WID and then the numbers that you need for the web form. So hopefully this will help and help you locate the web form ID no problem.