What is the difference between a pop over and a light-box?

Video transcript:

The difference between a popover and a lightbox web form that you’re going to place on your website for subscribers to sign up to join your mailing list is, it’s actually not that much of a difference, it’s very slight. So basically this also going to be within the web form editor where you make this selection.

Popover, all it means is that simply pops up in front of your website content on that page, so it just pops up in the front of the page above all the content, for example, that you have on your page, and that’s by setting up Form Type, Type Popover so it’s embedded right there within the web page and Popover is going to pop up on top of all the content. You can choose a delay, once they visit your site, how many seconds do you want to go by before this web form is going to pop up, and you can choose after however many days. Based on the cookies of the browser is what would keep this from happening, so of course if they clear their cache and cookies and visit your page it will pop up regardless of what you have set here. But for example if they visit your website, don’t clear their cache and cookies and then they visit it 20 minutes later, the web form won’t show up for them again until the next day or the next three days or seven days, it’s totally up to you. You’ll make that selection, you can choose any effects like a side or something or where it comes in from, things like that.

That is how you’re going to setup a Popover and I will show you guys what it looks like on this very basic website I have, okay, so just one second and we can take a look at that.

There you see, okay, I know it’s a basic website but I just wanted you guys to see – there you see after a couple of seconds it came down from the top and that’s a Popover because as you can see it’s just in front of my website content.

So now, going back, you can actually change the web form, let’s go back to be the Lightbox. A Lightbox means different from the Popover that the content, your website, behind the web form is going to get darker, so it will be kind of faded out darker, making your web form a little bit more dominant, so it’s not just in front of the content but the content behind it is actually faded out a little bit okay. So again, you can change the effect where it’s going to come from, for example, we’ll change it up a little bit – something like this, okay. Let me save this and then we can take a look there as well.

Okay, so let’s take a look now at the difference. So there, you can see it got darker in the background and it came in from a different setting so now it’s on the right side, you may want to choose the center or anything like that, but that’s just basically the difference okay. So with the Popover it just comes right in front of the content and Lightbox, the background of your website is going to get darker and then it makes your web form more dominant, for example. So that’s how you’re going to set it up and that’s what it’s going to look like.