What is the difference between a Newsletter and Autoresponder message?

Video transcript:

The difference between a newsletter and an autoresponder message is that a newsletter is like a onetime message, this is something that you specifically schedule a date in time, for example, that you want to deliver it to your subscribers and then you can deliver it and choose the particular recipients that you want to be receiving this message. And an autoresponder is an automated message. It’s triggered by some action, whether it’s time based or subscription or clicking some link, this is something that you set up and then is sent automatically for you based on the trigger that you setup, whether it’s a particular day or time, something like that.

We’ll just quickly go through how to create each one and that will help give you a little bit better of an idea. So you can go to Messages, Create Newsletter, choose New Email Creator and enter in the message name and subject, so the name is only seen by you, the subject of course is seen by your subscribers. Choose the From Field that you want the message to come from, you can choose any tracking, publish and sharing options you have available, click Next Step. You can choose from our hundreds of templates available, or start from scratch or something like that, or import your own template if you have it, but we’ll use a nice looking template here. Then you just need to customize the template, this is just filler text so just delete it, include your own content here, customize any images, things like that. So fully customize your message using our editor, and then just click Next Step, this is where you choose the recipients whom you want to receive this message. You can choose within your campaigns, exclude particular people, things like that. And then this is where you’ll see the message summary and you can choose to schedule or send it now. So this is the big difference of a newsletter and an autoresponder. If you send it now it will be automatically sent right now to everyone you chose as your recipients, if you choose schedule you need to of course choose the delivery date and time and time zone if you would like, and then clicking Send here doesn’t actually send it of course but it schedules it.

And then, we can get out of this section and take a look at how to create an autoresponder. Now let’s go to Messages, Create Autoresponder. So now you want to choose when you want this autoresponder sent, it can be time-based, meaning based on the day of subscription. So for example Day-0 is going to be the same day as sign up, so if you want someone to automatically receive a message from you right when they sign up you want to do Day-0. But then if you keep creating and you want them to get a message from you every five days, for example, you’ll create this one, but then you’ll come back and maybe create one on Day-5, and that’s five days after their signup. Or you can choose some action-based ones like clicked or they opened a message if they subscribed, if you reach some goal, data change, things like that. But it’s probably pretty common to create a time-based one, which you can do for Day-0, choose which campaign this would be dealing with in your account, choose your settings for when the message is sent, with any type of delay, immediately, so basically what this means is you want this message to be sent regardless, even if they signed up for your list on a Sunday, if that’s their Day-0 this would be sent. But if I un-checked this box and they signed up for my list on a Sunday they would not be sent the Day-0 message until Monday because you have de-selected Sunday, but if you checked all the boxes, all it means is regardless of what day of the week their particular day falls upon, the message will be sent. Then you can simply choose a message if you have already created some or you have a newsletter you want to be using here or a draft, or of course just create new email and you’ll go through all the same settings and steps we just went through for the newsletter, and once you’ve got that message created and ready to go and you’ve saved it, it will bring you back to this settings page. You can just give the autoresponder a name, like Day-0 Message, this is only for your reference of course, and then click Save and Publish and it’s going to be fully set up, you don’t have to do anything else anytime someone signs up for your list, it will be automatically sent out to them.