How do I create a web form?

Video transcript:

A Web Form is a great tool for continuing to build your subscriber list, a web form of course is just a sign up form. A form where a group of subscribers can enter in their details and sign up to become a subscriber to one of your campaigns, and you can create one within your account by going to Web Forms, Create New.

First, before you do that, make sure that you choose the correct campaign, so make sure to dropdown the Your Current Campaign menu and choose the campaign that you actually want to create this web form for. So when people create their signup for this particular web form they are added to the appropriate campaign.

And once you’ve done that you’ll go to Web Forms, Create New. Then you can start with some of our really great templates, we’ve got over 100 as you can see here, so I’ll find one of my favorites. The hamburgers of course, maybe it’s because I’m always hungry, so you can see it presented to you and decide that this is the one you want to be able to use, so click Apply and scroll down and you’re going to see it in the editor, so you can actually edit and fully customize the web form, okay. So you see by default it’s Name, Email and the signup button, but all this can be fully be edited. You can add new fields, for example there is popular fields like address details that you could just drag and drop right into the form, and you can see it there.

It will reload itself sometimes to show you a new version, your new look, or you can just remove it if you don’t need it anymore. You can control what scene, there is kind of a little Powered by GetResponse, you can just take that off or bring it back. You can put the privacy notice on there if you want, a captcha if you want them to have to fill out a captcha, have a counter so you know how many subscribers are on there, things like that, different footers you can add in and out, so definitely recommend. You can fully customize these, if you want to edit the field for example, you can just click. If you hover your mouse over any of these and click edit, you can actually edit the label and things like that. If you don’t want it to be signup but something else, you can click edit and click here, you know, or something like that. Whatever you would like, you can fully edit it, change the colors and all this can be done by hovering your mouse over things, or also choosing the area of the form on the left side here. A lot of them have advanced options that you can choose as well, you can add different text, add an image, add dividers, so you really can spend lots of time making your web form look just as you would like it, and when you feel good about how it looks and the fields you have provided, you click Next Step and you’re presented with the settings, so you can give this web form a Name. Only you will see this within your account. The confirmed opt-in settings, so people who sign up are going to have to confirm their subscription, its set to on, but if you want to turn it off you can do so in your campaign settings through here. Subscription via Facebook and then also in the settings as a default, thank you page options, your own custom thank you page or to stay on a current page – so that’s all up to you.

Then Next Step, how is this form going to be published on your website? So, you or your web designer can do it with the code, so if you choose I will install it, you will just take the JavaScript or HTML code, copy it and paste it into the source code of your website where you want the form to be located. If you choose this option you can just give the email address of your web designer and we’ll send it to him or her, of course. And GetResponse will host my form and generate a link that you can use for people to sign up.

That’s all you need to do, just choose how you’re going to present it on your website and you’re good to go.