What does the “recurrent” checkbox mean?

Video transcript:

The “Recurrent” checkbox that you’re going to see in your autoresponder settings basically means that every time some particular action is completed this message is going to be sent. So let’s take a quick example of the action-based autoresponder clicked, so with this type of autoresponder every time someone clicks a particular link that you’re tracking a message will be sent to them for the particular message that you’re creating. So an event-based click you would want the “Recurrent” checkbox to be checked. If every time someone clicks that link they are automatically sent this message, but if you only wanted it to happen one time, if they click the link once and then they’ll be sent this autoresponder you created, but then they click that link again, if you do not want this message to be sent again then you need to leave the “Recurrent” checkbox empty. But if every time they click the link you want them to receive this message that you’re creating you want to leave “Recurrent” checked, so it’s totally up to you but that’s what it means.