I don’t have a website, but would like to use the web form to grow my mailing list. Can I do that?

Video transcript:

You can use GetResponse Web Forms to grow your mailing list even if you don’t have a website. So for example, let’s pretend that we already have some web forms created, we’ll go to Web Forms, Web Forms List, and be presented with the web forms we’ve created, and if you go to the View Source option, it will bring you to the Publish step. And while you don’t have a website to post it on you could choose GetResponse will host my form, and it will generate a link so you can just copy this link, paste it onto your Facebook page or through some other methods, send it out in a message to people if you would like to be able to sign up for this list, or some new list, for example. And you also could take advantage of our Facebook integration. So if you see My Account and Integrations, you could actually integrate your account with Facebook. Your GetResponse account with Facebook, and then if you locate our Facebook app, we’ve got a great blog post on all this of course, and a tutorial to be able to integrate your Facebook fan page, for example, and have a web form, a sign up form on your Facebook page. So if you don’t have a website, but maybe you’ve got a Facebook fan page, you could utilize that as well. That’s a little, extra little option that we have available, you can definitely find out full information on that at our integration site and also on our blog.