How do I use the calendar?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to use the calendar tool to be able to fully manage your autoresponders in a particular campaign. This is going to be the calendar view, so what you could do, for example, if you want to create a new message on Day-13, just simply click on that and you’ll be brought to the settings step and can begin to create this message. Or if we go back, you can rearrange, so let’s say for example you don’t want to send this particular message on Day-5 you think it would be better on Day-6, all you need to do is click it and just move it over to Day-6 and we’ll automatically move it. Something to keep in mind with this calendar view, it doesn’t actually refer to the days of the month, these days refer to the days of subscription. So Day-0 is always going to be the same day of sign up for your subscriber, this is the same day that they sign up is Day-0. This is what these calendar days actually refer to is not actually a month for example because you see there are 33 days listed here, but you could click to show more and have lots of days because your autoresponder cycle could be quite long. So that’s basically all you need to really keep in mind is this calendar is not really a calendar of month or specific days of the week but days since subscription. This is the same day they signed up, Day-1 is the day after they signed up. Day-2 of course is two days after they signed up, so just keep that in mind whenever you’re scheduling and rearranging your autoresponder messages and you’re going to be good to go.