How do I create an Event-Based Autoresponder?

Video transcript:

You’ll create an event-based autoresponder in your account by going to Messages, Create Autoresponder. Then simply choose the event that you want to base this autoresponder message for, so if it’s they clicked a particular link you want this message sent, if they opened some message and then you would want this message sent, if they subscribe do you want that to be the trigger, simply choose that, if some goal was reached that you have set up, if they change some of their contact data, this would be sent. If another autoresponder message was sent then this message that you’re creating can be sent, or if it’s their birthday, if it’s going to be their birthday that can be the trigger. So you’ll simply just choose what particular event you want to trigger this particular message, so then you’ll just fill out the settings, so you’ll say if a subscriber in, and then choose the campaign or all of them, so if any subscriber in one of these campaigns clicks, and then you need to choose the message that has the link that you’re wanting to track. So when that happens you’ll just click choose message, choose from the messages here and find the one that you’re wanting to track and then you’ll choose what particular link it is that you want to be tracked, and then you’ll deal with this particular autoresponder that you’re setting up. So you want to choose when you’re going to send the message, if you want to send it immediately, any day of the week, or something else, you’ll just customize it and if you have a message you want them to receive already created just choose it and locate it, or create a new email and go through the steps of creating it which will lead you right back here where you’ll just give this autoresponder a name for your reference, click Save and Publish and it’s all set up and will be sent out properly whenever someone clicks the link that you’ve set up to be tracked. And of course all this will be just the same for the others, so just simply go through here and fill out the specific detail that asks you when setting it up and you’re going to be good to go.