How do I create a Time-Based Autoresponder?

Video transcript:

You can create a time-based autoresponder by going to Messages, Create Autoresponder, then simply choose of course time-based, scroll down and you’ll fill out the settings, so you’ll want to choose what day, of course Day-0 is going to be the same day of signup of your subscriber, so if you want this message to automatically go out to them on the same day that they sign up you want to do Day-0. But then let’s say for example you want to send them a message five days later, you’ll just repeat this process and instead choose Day-5, and it will automatically be sent out them.

Choose which campaign you want this autoresponder to be associate with and then choose the settings of how you want that message to actually be sent. Do you want it to be sent the same time they sign up, any type of delay, exactly at some time, you can choose the sending days, so let’s just say for example if they signed up for your list on a Sunday that would be the Day-0 for them but if you don’t want them to actually get this message on a Sunday just un-check the box and it will be sent to them on Monday at the same time that they signed up for your list on Sunday.

But if you keep all the boxes checked that just means no matter what day of the week their particular day falls upon they will be sent this message, it’s totally up to you.

And choose the message, if you’ve already created draft or some other message you want to use here, or just create new email and you’ll go through all the familiar email steps to actually creating the message itself, and once the message is complete and you click the final Next Step in the editor you’ll be brought back to this page and give the autoresponder a name, this is just for your reference so Day-0 message or anything that helps you remember what this message is about, and then just click Save and Publish and it will be fully set up and good to go. And then you check out these messages after you’ve created it, just to see, by going to Messages, Manage Autoresponders, then choose that particular campaign you created it for, and then you’ll be able to see it here. So because I didn’t finish setting it up you won’t see it, but because it was going to be a Day-0 message you’d see it right here, just like the Day-10 one is. You’d see it right here, it’s fully set up and it’s good to go.

If you ever need to edit the message or something, just hover your mouse over that particular message that shows up and click this option here and then you can edit it. This one is off because we don’t have it sending to our subscribers, but of course once you set it up it will be by default be on.

Just some little things to keep in mind, but it’s super-simple to set up and it all starts by Messages, Create Autoresponder.