How do I change the Thank you page and error page for my web form?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to change Thank You page or the Error Page for your web form. So let’s pretend that we already have a web form created and we just want to edit it, so we’ll do that via Web Forms, Web Forms List. There we are presented with all the web forms we’ve created in our account and then we can find the one that we are wanting to edit for and choose actually Settings.

Then once you’re in the settings, you can change the Thank You page from default to custom and just enter in the URL that you would prefer, so if you have your own Thank You page on your website or something else just simply enter in the URL there and that will be the URL that they see right after submitting the web form. And if you show Advanced you can actually provide the URLs for what happens whenever they accidentally, for example, enter the wrong email address, some Error message. By default it’s set up for us, we’ll let them know it’s an error, but you could have a custom, so if you have a URL or some web page that’s Oops, You didn’t do that just right, or any other custom error that you prefer for them to see, then the default GetResponse one, just provide it here in the Advanced settings. So it’s very easy, both the Email Error pages and the custom Thank You pages is all in the Web Form settings.