How do I add PayPal button to the landing page?

Video transcript:

You can actually move a PayPal Buy Now button into your Landing Page by integrating your PayPal account with your GetResponse account. So here is what it’s going to look like once you’ve done that, okay. So you’ll see that it’s generated, but first let me of course take a step back and show you where you can actually integrate it.

This will actually be through My Account, Integrations, now scroll down until you get to the PayPal section. We have of course already integrated, but what happens the first time you visit this is that you’re going to be asked for the PayPal API, username, password and an API signature. I’ll show you where you can actually access that within a PayPal account. Now this needs to be a PayPal business account and then once you’ve got that type of account you just need to go to your profile, my selling tools, and then API access. You need to view the API signature, and then you’ve got your API username, password and signature. So it’s these three things that you need to provide when prompted in the GetResponse PayPal integration right here in your account. So enter in those details, click to Add the integration then when it’s green here you’re going to see we’re good and we’re able to integrate the account properly, we were able to retrieve that API details that were provided from PayPal. But however, after you do this it may take a couple of hours for the Buy Now buttons to be generated in the landing pages or newsletters as you can see here, but of course right now we’re talking about landing pages.

So after you do this give it a couple of hours and then come back into the account and you’ll see that the Buy Now button will now be available in your account. So whenever you’re editing your landing page, let’s say its a couple hours after your integration, you’ll customize your landing page of course with all the specific content that you want and open up the PayPal button here, and then move the Buy Now button over. But of course I should probably also point out of course, it’s important that you already have a button created in PayPal of course, because this button tells how much the product is and everything like that. It lets PayPal know, so we have a great PayPal integration video, I hope you guys can check out if you’re unsure of how to create a button in your PayPal account. So hopefully you guys feel really good about that so you’ll go ahead and create a button through Profile, My Selling Tools, and there is a couple of steps I will briefly go over for you to be able to choose instant payment notifications and accept our IPN URL that’s available, and also manage your PayPal buttons.

So please check out that video as well because I think it will shine some light on the different PayPal integrations we have available, but you need to be able to have it look like this, turn on this IPN with this notification URL which is available in our PayPal integration PDF manual on our learning center. So that is where you can retrieve that, or you can just see it right here and copy it down. And then you’ll just create a button, you’ll click Update here, create a button – you can see we have some Buy Now buttons created, they need to be sure to be Buy Now, because there are some different options that you could choose for the type of button, so for us to be able to use it and for you to be able to use in our branding page it must be a button type of Buy Now.

So set all this up as you would like and again, we’ve got a really long video all about PayPal if you want to have some more info. But basically you’ll create your button and you’ll save it and then once you do that you’ll be able to drag this button over here, and whenever you click it you actually can see the different buttons you actually have created in your PayPal account and choose which button you’re actually wanting to use in this landing page. And of course you can fully edit the button, change the color all that to make it look exactly how you would like. This is a great tool and really let’s you be able to have your subscribers purchase a new product from a landing page or be able to sign up for a new list for example.

Any confusion please check our PayPal tutorial video, it will shine light on all of that and really help you out.