Can I use my own picture as a web form background?

Video transcript:

You most certainly can use your own image or picture as a background in your web form, but first you need to get the image URL, and it’s really use it to do that for example, if you go ahead and upload the image to your multimedia studio. You can do that by going to My Account, Account Details, and then click on Multimedia Studio, and once you’ve done that go to the Photos and Images tab and upload the file, right here. You can just upload the file and find the image from your computer, for example. Then once you see the image you’d like to use as your background just hover your mouse over it and right click – whoops, didn’t do that right the first time – and then you can just simply choose copy location, for example. So this is copying the URL, the image. So we will copy image location and it might say something different for you, but it’s generally copy image URL, copy image link, something like that.

Now let’s go to Web Forms, Create New, and we can kind of choose maybe the default one here because we’re going to be adding a picture. So we want to choose, probably, let’s say we want it in the body, we’re going to do Add Image, and then it’s going to ask you down here for the image URL, so we’ll just paste in what we got and we’ll click Apply and that added the image but also as a background I should have clicked in advance, in addition background image, copy and paste it there, click Enter and it’s the image of that will come in as the background and you can choose if you want where exactly you want it, if you want it to repeat for example, how you want it to repeat. Where you want it, center bottom, something like that, so you can definitely play around with it, play around with the different sizes and things like that, the size will depend on the size of the image that you copied the link location from.

Also I could show you back in the Multimedia Studio opening the image up larger, then right click, copy image location, back to our web form – let’s see, we can just take any of these probably – okay and just the same, I’ll choose the body, show advanced, and as you can see the image is bigger, and then you can choose how you want it again, if you want it centered, if you want it to repeat – for example, if it was smaller, something like that. So that’s how you can mess around with it, you can do a little thumbnail like I showed you the first time, it will be smaller so you could maybe repeat it and have some more options, or if you click on the image and it’s bigger it comes in a bigger size, and copy the image location from there, it will be a bit bigger. So definitely play around, fully customize it, choose exactly where you want it, you can add it – and of course also the header, you could show advanced, and then part of the image could also be in the header as well. There are definitely lots of cool options you can choose to provide backgrounds, and all you need is the image URL.