Can I choose the days of the week to send my Autoresponders (i.e. only business days)?

Video transcript:

You most definitely can choose the days of the week that you would like for your autoresponder messages to be sent, for example if you want your messages to only be sent out on business days. This is going to be within the settings of the Autoresponder, so of course you would just go to Messages, Create Autoresponder, and you’ll be brought here, and let’s say for example this is going to be a time-based so based on some day since a subscriber has signed up. So you’ll choose the day in the campaign and then here in the send message area you’ll choose the send on dates. So if you only want this message to actually be sent out on business days, just un-check the Saturday and Sunday boxes and then this message will be automatically sent to them on the next business day. So for example if they’re Day-11 for a particular subscriber falls on a Sunday, they would not receive their Day-11 message until tomorrow, until Monday. So this is just what you could do to disable a particular day or weekends where you don’t want your messages sent out.