How can I analyze results of my mailing?

Measure and analyze the results with GetResponse Email Analytics.

Video transcript:

Everyone wants to maximize email marketing results, but up until now analytics have been too complex and segmentation too difficult for most to bother with. Now there’s a solution. The new GetResponse Email Intelligence feature is easy, intuitive and makes it simple to understand and optimize your campaigns.

Segmenting your list is easier than it’s ever been. It takes exactly one click and you’re done. Tracking important metrics is just as easy. GetResponse Email Intelligence makes it simple to track time of send, opens, click-through and performance goals, like downloads, purchases and revenue. Plus you can compare the results of messages side by side to find out what’s working and what isn’t, or see your entire follow-up sequence at a glance.

You’ll get automated reports, interactive graphs, performance charts, bounce stats, unsubscribe reports and more. It’s all easy to read and even easier to leverage.

Get Smart, get started with GetResponse Email Intelligence now.