Getting Started

In this Getting Started guide you’ll find everything you need to know to get your email marketing on the right track fast.

So grab your coffee, lean back, stretch your legs and get ready to learn all about:

Creating engaging messages

Newsletters or Autoresponders? Or perhaps both? Find out how to design messages that land in the inbox and awe your audience.

Are you a techie who loves to work with HTML? Perhaps you prefer an easy, intuitive drag-n-drop editor. Choose the format that suits you best and get started in just seconds.

Want to add a friendly face to your brand? Or keep it strictly professional? Choose the right “From” field to set the right tone and control your brand image.

Learn how to personalize your emails, add multimedia, integrate with social media, and much more!

Building your contact list

Create beautiful sign-up forms to attract attention and convert website visitors into loyal subscribers.

Already got an email list? Great! Find out how to import it from a file or other service.

Email Analytics

Find out how you’re doing! Analyze your results and optimize future campaigns.

Find out who opened your emails and clicked on your links; who signed up to your newsletter and who opted out.

Learn all that with just a few clicks!