Why shouldn’t I re-add bounced emails to my list? Watch video

Bounced e-mail is an email returned to the sender because it cannot be delivered for some reason.
There are two kinds of bounced e-mail: hard bounces and soft bounces. Click here to learn more about them.

Our system removes the hard bounced addresses immediately, the soft bounced ones are 
removed after a few unsuccessful delivery attempts. Neither of them should be restored to the campaign list.

•    Re-added bounced email addresses will bounce again, and this negatively affects statistics of your account.
•    The reputation of your From field address may suffer, any future mailings may be blocked by some email clients.
•    Addresses removed from your account as hard or soft bounces are confirmed to be invalid or abandoned so there is no chance they will be profitable.  By re-adding them to your list you increase the cost of the account without any chance of getting ROI.

If you are concerned by the fact that GetResponse has removed certain email addresses from the list due to bounce, let us know. We will check
 the issue and advise you the best solution.