Why do my emails look different on mobile devices?

If you read your email on a smartphone, you may have noticed that some of the emails you get look better than others. Some messages will appear nice and neatly formatted, with sufficiently large fonts for easy readability, while others… not so much (think small fonts, narrow columns and broken template layouts).

This problem has become a major challenge for email marketers, as over 40% of all emails are read on mobile devices. In fact, according to recent studies, 42% of email recipients delete emails that don’t display correctly on their mobile phones.

GetResponse fixed this issue by introducing a revolutionary new feature called  Responsive Email Design, which automatically converts your email to look great on all mobile devices (like the iPhone, Android phones etc.).

More specifically:

–  The text will be scaled to fit the mobile phone’s screen, making it easy to read.

–  Multi-column email templates will cascade into a single-column view, which is great, as it makes your content easily readable on mobile devices (there’s nothing more
frustrating for your email recipient than having to scroll through your email both vertically AND horizontally to view multiple columns).

– Your email and Call-To-Action buttons will be resized and formatted to properly fit the mobile phone’s screen, which will increase subscriber engagement and click-throughs.

Responsive email design does great things for your marketing results. Because your subscribers will now be able to read your emails on their mobile devices with ease, you will see:

– more subscriber engagement
– more click-throughs
– fewer unsubscribes
– fewer complaints

So, next time you send an email from GetResponse and notice that it looks different on your mobile device… smile and remember – it’s a dynamic, revolutionary feature designed for our technologically evolving world, and one that spells great results for your email marketing!