Where can I find import statistics? Watch video

While importing contacts our system checks the list to make sure it does not contain any non-functioning or already blacklisted leads. The results of this process can be found in Statistics>>Import Statistics.


The Status informs you if the import has been approved, rejected or if it is waiting to be reviewed.

The column Uploaded shows how many contacts have been submitted for review.

In the Invalid column you can find the addresses, which have been filtered out. Hover the mouse over this section to find out more details, below you can find explanations to the errors listed there:

*A syntax error is a malformed email address.
For example: “john@aol”, “johnaol.com” or “@aol.com” instead of “john@aol.com”. Also, special characters !#$%^&( )|\, an empty line or emails longer than 128 characters will be recognized as syntax error.
*Already in Queue: duplicates in the file, e-mail addresses which are already waiting to be confirmed or verified in another import.
*Invalid domains are address hosted with domains that do not exist.
*Blacklists are addresses added to our blacklist or any blacklists in the account.
*Addresses marked as policy failures are unsubscribed, so the contacts who have clicked the removal link.

The column Added to campaign shows the number of contacts, which have been uploaded to the campaign or to the unconfirmed list (it depends on the opt-in settings).

Finally, the Updated section, presents the amount of contacts whose custom fields have been updated.

Note: The invalid addresses that you can see in Import Statistics are not addresses recognized as spam traps, user unknown bounces, etc. We do not disclose any information about the exact number of invalid addresses mentioned above.

If your import was rejected and you have questions regarding this, please contact our Privacy and Deliverability team: gr-compliance@cs.implix.com