What is open rate tracking? Watch video

Open rate tracking is the number of times a message has been opened, which is shown as a percentage of the total number of subscribers the message was sent to.


GetResponse only tracks the open rate of HTML-format messages (the most widely used). However, several things can affect how open-rate tracking accuracy is measured.

Email Analytics (a fancy way of saying email numbers counter) counts how many times an HTML message is opened. If a subscriber decides to open your message using the plain text option, it won’t count as opened.

If an HTML message is opened by a subscriber more than once, each time counts toward the total times an email was opened. Click the “Unique” button to view the unique number of subscribers who opened the message. It’s that simple!

Some email programs and email providers (an email provider is someone who provides email service, like Gmail or Outlook), may block or prevent open-rate tracking due to their own security preferences.

Depending on the industry the open rate of messages really may vary. On average, the open rate of messages in the United States is 19.9%. You can add 5% to that number, however, because some subscribers don’t always open images in their email and sometimes, the HTML content in a message might be blocked by the email service program.

If you want to increase the open rate of your messages, a subject line showing the benefits of your offer and making it catchy can go a long way. It should be like a movie trailer: show the important parts but don’t spoil the fun!

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