What is a REF tracking number? Watch video

The REF tracking number is a 3-digit code used in the sign up form, import or survey which can be assigned to each subscriber. If you use multiple sign up forms, import many lists or create surveys with web forms, each can have a separate REF tracking number.

The REF tracking number lets you look up all subscribers that used the same subscription  form, signed up via the same survey or were imported on the same day. As a result you  can segment your list for targeted messages, exporting etc. The contacts added to your list with specific REF value can be found under Contacts >>Search contacts, if you add the following condition in advanced search: Custom field>>REF>>IS>>777.


Web form

Click the Settings tab of the web form design screen then scroll down and click the blue link on the right that reads show advanced.

Enter a 3-digit alpha-numeric code in the field labeled Track web form users (ref) and click the Save web form button at the bottom.

Thereafter, when a subscriber signs up using that web form, the 3-digit REF number will be saved in his contact details.


In Configure your import step, type the REF and its value to Add new custom field form. To save your choice click the Add button.


In the Settings step of survey creator type the REF value in REF field. This will tag all contacts signing up via web form embedded in this particular survey.