How is a custom field used? Watch video

A custom field can be used to personalize your message for each contact. The usage code added to the email will be replaced with the specific contact data you have saved for each subscriber.

1. To create a custom field, choose Contacts in the Dashboard menu and go to Custom Fields. Click Add custom field, choose the type, name and define the default value.


You can also create custom fields while creating any web form, all you need to do is to click Add new field available in the Design step.

2. Collect subscriber data by including the custom field on web forms and surveys or add them manually.

If you use import subscribers, you have the option to import any additional data on file for each new contact.

You can also assign custom field value manually to any search results by choosing Add custom field under Action list on the left side of the screen. In the new pop up window you will have the list of your current custom fields ready to be assigned to the contacts.

To add custom field value to particular contacts only, check the boxes beside them and use the Actions list at the bottom of the page.

3. Personalize your messages by displaying custom information for each contact to increase the response rate dramatically.

In the Email Creator editor, click the Person icon on the right side of the row of editing buttons. Choose any field you want to use in the mailing or type the usage code manually e.g [[age]].


You can also personalize the subject of the message by typing the code manually or click the Personalize link.

More information on personalizing the messages can be found here.