How do I search for contacts who have never opened any of my messages?

In Contacts>>Search contacts click the Advanced search and the Add conditions button. You can also choose specific campaign you are interested in. From the conditions list choose Message not opened, message type, message name (or all of them) and “never” from the very last dropdown list. The counter at the bottom updates automatically and provides you with the amount of contacts who meet your search criteria. To display the list click the Show contacts.


From the list of contacts  you can send a “reactivation message” by choosing Send message from the Actions list. The reactivation message can be any special offer message which can engage your inactive contacts. Make sure that subject is catchy and interesting.

Note: the open rate for plain text messages is not tracked. Click here to learn more.

To delete contacts check the boxes beside them, scroll down the page and choose removal command from the Actions list.