How do I remove duplicates from my lists?

With GetResponse we charge you for the total number of contacts in all of your campaigns, meaning if an email address is on multiple campaigns then they will count as multiple contacts thus it’s possible that you could be over your plan limit.  An email address will not be counted/added twice in one campaign.

In order to determine how many duplicated email addresses you have go to Contacts>>Search contacts and view all your contacts in all lists. On the next page sort the results by email (alphabetic order), for your convenience you can also scroll down the page and choose 500 rows per page.


Take a closer look at the column with emails, since email addresses are sorted you can clearly see which ones are added to multiple lists. All you need to do is to check the boxes beside the ones you want to remove and delete them from the list using the Actions button at the bottom of the list.

Hint: You can use the automation rule “If subscribed -> then remove” which removes contacts from campaign X, as soon as they sign up for campaign Y. The automation rules are available under Your current campaign>>Automation.