How do I save my search criteria?

Saving your search criteria (segmenting) enables you to identify subgroups, so you can send highly targeted offers and manage your list better. In the Dashboard menu, choose Contacts and click Search Contacts. Then outline your search criteria by choosing the campaign name, subscription date and contact type.

You can also add conditions which will help you to identify contacts who meet specific search criteria (the manual is available here):

Name/Email – to find a specific contact, choose Name or Email from the dropdown list. Specify an exact match or partial match to your search terms. Type the name or email address (or a fragment of either.)

Goelocation – choose Geolocation from the dropdown list to segment based on country, city etc. GetResponse automatically captures this data for new contacts based on their IP address.

Custom fields – perhaps one of the most powerful segmentation methods is to use your own custom fields. Custom fields can be collected using sign-up forms, adding contacts via panel or when importing contact lists that contain custom data.

Goals – select goals to search for contacts that completed the action set up as one of your goals. Choose the goal you are interested in, along with condition and an optional parameter. Click here to read manual on setting up goals.

Subscription date – choose subscription date and adjust the match type to search for contacts who joined your list on the particular date.

Subscription method – to segment contacts based on the channels from which they were added to your list, select the subscription method and specify conditions from the dropdown list.

Special dates – choose last autoresponder date, last newsletter date, last open date or last click date. Choose date is before, date is after or a specific date then enter a date.

Message opened or not opened – choose message opened or message not opened then click to choose type of message. In the window that appears, choose a specific autoresponder or newsletter subject.

You can also choose there date or search for contacts who have never opened any of your messages.

Link clicks – choose link clicked or link not clicked, then choose message type and its subject. From the next dropdown list select the link you are interested in.

Date of autoresponder sequence – choose the day of the autoresponder sequence according to which you want to search your contacts.

After selecting the conditions click Show contacts to display the list and then Save search under Actions.


Going forward you can find all your segments under Contacts>> Search contacts>> Saved searches.