Why was my import rejected?

GetResponse is a permission based email marketing platform and we do not accept lists that were purchased or collected with methods that are against our anti-spam policy. Click here to read about our anti-spam policy.

If, however you have a list that once was permission based but was not maintained properly, we recommend BriteVerify to clean your list:


This is a paid 3rd party service. Cleaning your list this way does not guarantee that your list will be accepted into GetResponse, as there are other factors which we consider upon importing lists.  BriteVerify does not remove the Spam traps and/or the addresses which are added to GetResponse internal blacklist – so if your list was rejected due to those reasons using BriteVerify will not change anything.

Also, lists consisting of more then 10k require additional testing in which we check your subscribers engagement. It is possible the list will be rejected due to low open and click rate or high unsubscribe and complaint rate. BriteVerify does not have any influence on that either.

If your list was rejected it is because it does not meet our standards, which protect our good reputation and keep the deliverability rate on the highest level. There can be many reasons why the list was not approved, the reasoning you may find the automatic email which is sent upon the list rejection. If you have any questions about the approval process please contact our Compliance team directly at gr-compliance@cs.implix.com.