How good is your email deliverability?

In the email marketing world, deliverability is strictly connected with reputation. The better reputation, the better deliverability is.

Sender Reputation is the relationship that is built with ISPs in order to increase and maintain the deliverability. The higher your reputation the higher the chance that your message will be delivered straight to the recipients. There are many factors which  influence deliverability: quality of the traffic that is being sent from the IP, domain, and also the quality of the mailings sent by a particular sender (the from field reputation).

The IP and domain reputation is being monitored by your GetResponse360 Account Manager but you are the one who uses the server so make sure that what you’re sending is compliant with the best practices. If there is a problem that needs your attention, we will let you know.

As a dedicated email marketing platform we allow users to use our servers and IP addresses assigned for their sole use to manage the delivery of the messages of all your customers. The advantage of dedicated IPs is that you’re the only one using them, so nobody else influences your reputation.

To check the reputation of our IP addresses you can use, which provides information on how a sender’s reputation compares to other email senders, and how it is likely to be evaluated by mailbox providers. Please contact your Dedicated Account Manager if you do not know your IPs.

You can look them up any time you want.