How do I add PayPal Buy now button to the landing page? Watch video

The Buy now buttons are automatically displayed in the toolbar on the right hand side of your screen, if your GetResponse account has been integrated correctly and you have Buy now buttons created in PayPal. Simply choose the button and drag it to the desired spot in the template.

To intergrate your GetResponse account with Paypal (depending on the country the Business type of the account may be required****) go to My account>>Integrations and scroll the page to the PayPal section. Fill in the form with the required data:

****The USA and Canada

Below you can find the steps which will guide you to the PayPal API login, password and signature required for the integration.

1. Log in to your PayPal account. Click Profile and then My selling tools, find API access settings and click the Update button.

2. Click View API Signature or Request API credentials if you are creating the button for the first time.

3. Enable Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.

4. The API Username, Password & Signature can be found on this sample overview. Make sure you type in this data to the form instead of pasting it.

Note: please do not add any additional information to the tab Email available in Buy now button settings. The link there should stay like it has been generated in order to have the button appearing in the template. Example:


When you complete the integration Buy Now buttons will be available under PayPal section on the right hand side of the editor. Drag the button into the template and click on it to edit its look. Remember to choose the button from the list called Name.

It may take up to 24h hours for the BUY NOW button to populate in GetResponse account. If it did not make sure you created a Buy now button in the PayPal account and you did not edit the code of it.