How do I create HTML web form code from scratch?

If you do not want to use any of our default templates for your web form, with some HTML knowledge. You can create your own opt-in box which will add contacts to a campaign of your choice. This solution can be used by webmasters or developers who have experience in building web sites or web forms.  If you do not have these particular skills please use the web form editor available in your GetResponse account (the instructions on using it can be found here ).

If you decide to take advantage of this great code, you will not be able to track the amount of views. Although your success is our highest concern, due to extensive modifications that can be made to this code, we are only able to provide you with limited support in regards to its usage.

To proceed with creating your own web form using the raw code first you need to obtain a campaign token from your Campaigns list:


this should be pasted to:

<input type=”hidden” name=”campaign_token” value=”XXXXXX“/><br/>

which is only a part of the entire code and has been used here as an example to cover topic of tokens.

Finally, the code for completing the action can be found in the manual available below, just click the image to open it:


If you need more formulas than the ones listed in the document, please contact our Compliance team at