How do I change the email address and name my messages are from? Watch video

GetResponse lets you add multiple email addresses which you can use to customize the  sender field. When your subscribers receive your email message, it will be formatted to appear as if it comes directly from the email address and from name you specify.

To add an email address:

  • Click the My account link in the upper right corner of the web page and choose Account details>>From email addresses
  • Enter an Email Address Name and an Email Address
  • Click the Add My Email Address button
  • GetResponse sends you a verification email containing a confirmation link. Click the confirmation link to make the new email address available for your use inside GetResponse.

To specify an email address for the confirmation message:

  • Locate the Your current campaign field in the upper right corner and click the down arrow to choose a campaign.
  • Click the Settings gear icon to the right of the campaign name.
  • Click the Permission tab.
  • Scroll down to the Confirmation message section and find FROM and REPLY-TO field.
  • Click the down arrow for each to specify the email address to use.

You can also change this information for a specific message when creating or editing it by clicking the drop down menu under “From:” and choosing an email address.

We do not suggest using email addresses hosted at domains owned by free services (gmail, hotmail etc.). This may affect the deliverabilty of your messages.

Please do not use Yahoo!, Aol, Aim for your “From” address. Those services specified that Internet service providers (ISP) should reject all messages that have a “From” address using an domain — if they weren’t sent from their mail servers. To learn more click here.