Can I track my sales with GetResponse? Watch video

GetResponse can provide you with a tracking code to use with your GetResponse account. The code can help you to identify contacts as customers, so you can set up various automation rules.


Customers can be moved automatically to another campaign to thank them for buying or to introduce them to a similar product.

Customers can be removed from the time-based autoresponder series, if no further marketing is necessary.

Customers can be moved to a campaign that provides support information on the product purchased.

To get the code, choose Statistics in the dashboard menu and click Email Analytics. Click Manage Goals on the left side of the page.

Create a profile then click the button labeled Verify domain and follow the steps indicated. When you copy and paste the code into your website, be sure to put the code on a page your contacts see after they have performed the action you want to track. An example would be your Thank-you page after an online purchase is completed or a Confirmation page after a sign-up. Make sure you place the code just before </body> tag; other tracking systems ( eg. Google Analytics) you are currently using on your page may interfere in detecting the tracking script from GR. Later create at least one goal in your profile.

To make it work you need to send out HTML messages from GetResponse account with clicktracking option enabled. The links inside the messages should direct to your sales pages. The sales-tracking can be not accurate if your subscribers clear cookies from their browsers.

To set up automation rules, go to Your current campaign at the upper right of the web page, choose automation from the drop-down list, and select one of the upon sale rules.