Where can I find out how my contacts opted-in to a specific campaign? Watch video

In the Dashboard menu, choose Statistics and click Email Analytics. From the menu choose Subscription, use the lists to select campaign name(s).

Campaign Statistics/Subscription method statistics
After choosing campaigns to view, you can define a date range or click the blue button on the right-hand side to choose a pre-defined date range.

View subscriptions by channel in theĀ Subscription Method Statistics. Click the subscription methods to customize your view of the subscription channel list under the chart. Roll over any point in the chart to view statistics for a selected day.

If you prefer, switch to List View. Daily data is displayed in individual rows with the totals and averages below the table.


Subscriptions Statistics Map

To check where your subscribers come from and in what regions your product or service is most popular use interactive Subscribers Map. You can view subscribers by region and get great insights into your business growth opportunities.