How can I embed a video or a PDF to my message?

Embedding a video or PDF file into your message may affect the deliverability that is why we suggest using direct links to the files instead. If you need to embed the file you will need to edit the HTML code of the message and we do not provide support for that.

What we suggest, which has better impact on your deliverability, is to upload the file to the Multimedia studio in My account>>Account details and grab the link to the file. Then in the message editor paste the URL and hyperlink it.

1. To get the link of your PDF file from the Multimedia studio click on the file after uploading it. Then the URL will appear in the address bar.

2. To get the link of your video file from the Multimedia studio click on the file and select any sharing option.


Then from the options on the thumbnail choose Copy&Share video URL.


You can also add a button, link the button to the file and the file can be downloaded. Finally, you can capture the first screen of the video, upload it to the Multimedia studio add to the editor and link that picture to the URL of that video. Click here to read the FAQ about the editing options available in the message editor.